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Not-So-Mad Scientists
Boyd students show off their experiments
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F.C. Boyd Christian School’s sixth- seventh- and eighth-grade students took part in a science fair recently, where they chose topics of interest to research. They researched their idea, and used scientific methods and experiments to answer intriguing or interesting questions. 
Students displayed a variety of unique experiments, everything from inflating a balloon using chemical reactions, to making slime from water, liquid starch and glue.
Student Will Rivers asked the question in his display, “Do fruits with higher fructose content grow fungus faster than those with lower fructose?” According to his research of observing four different fruits over 19 days, it does. 
Science teacher and fair organizer Emily Fisher was amazed with her students’ creativity, use of electronics and the thought process they went through in order to answer their scientific inquiries.
“All the students showed excitement and readiness in talking about and explaining their experiments,” said Fisher. “We are very proud of them all.” 
Heath Kuykendall’s experiment was named Potato Power, and shared how he could make electricity from a chemical reaction from a potato.
“I wanted to learn something new, and in this experiment, I really didn’t think it would work,” said Kuykendall. “But it did!”
Even though the students were required to participate in the science fair, they were happy and excited to talk about and explain their experiments to the other students and visitors who took in the fair.
The science fair was a competition, with the Best Scientist Award going to Heath Kuykendall for his Potato Power display.
Others winners include:
Sixth grade — Emme Sue Smith, first; Jordan Hoover, second; and Logan McVey, third;
Seventh grade — Kaylin Barrett, first; Nathan Bailey, second; and Greg Southard, third;
Eighth grade — Brit Brown, first; Alexis Florence, second; and Hannah Young, third.