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Moonlight and dancing
Covenant Academy holds Father-Daughter Dance
Shawn Cooke is proud of daughters, from left, Sydney and Jordan, as he dances with them to You Are My Sunshine.

Daughters have a special place in the hearts of their fathers, grandfathers or father figures. That sentiment was expressed at the Father-Daughter Dance held at Covenant Academy recently with the theme “I Love You to the Moon and Back.”
The annual event was once again sold out with 206 tickets quickly taken. Attendees enjoyed a catered meal, beverage and dessert, following a photo session to commemorate the event. The music and dancing started, filling the gymnasium floor with excited girls. Volunteer disc jockey Geoff Griffin has been providing the entertainment for some time, and knows what the crowd likes to hear.
“I enjoy doing this each year,” said Griffin. “This year is extra special because my daughter, Hannah, is a senior here at Covenant.”
Randy Byars also enjoyed attending the gala once again with his 12-year-old daughter, Lanya.
“It’s a good night for the girls, and a good way to make memories,” said Byars. “I have fun here, but I have to do what she (Lanya) says.”
First-time Father-Daughter Dance attendee Brad Hennessee was especially grateful for the chance to have fun with his two daughters, Katya and Valya. The girls and their brother, Tasha, are from Ukraine and were adopted by the Hennessees this past October.
“I have always wanted to do this, and we are having a great time,” said Hennessee. “We are so lucky and blessed to have these children in our lives.”
A poignant part of the evening took place at a very large moon decoration placed on the stage. The Eric Carle book, “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me,” was the inspiration. The story tells of a young girl who wants the moon to play with her, so she asks her father to get it for her, and the story unfurls to a joyful surprise.
Fathers were able to get a small piece of the moon for their daughters as the creative moon display held miniature crescent moon balloons for the girls to take home. 
“This was a very special part of the evening, and I think everyone enjoyed it,” said Covenant headmaster Alan Smith.