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Karate Granny
Martin earns black belt at 68
In addition to martial arts, Martin enjoys art of a different kind as she picks up a paintbrush every Monday at Linda Dunlap's art studio.
Call her the Karate Granny.At an age when most people are eyeing an easy chair, local resident Dianne Martin has kicked her way to a black belt at age 68.“She’s the oldest female we’ve ever promoted to black belt and the second oldest person,” said Gary Steele Karate instructor Paul Byars. “The only one who was older was a man in his 80s.”Martin is not shy about sparring, even though it can get a little rough.“You get hit where you get hit,” said Martin, a grandmother of six. “We do wear protective gear, but we still get hit.”Martin said she decided to start taking karate late in life as a way to get exercise.