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How to Cook a Turkey - Dibrell
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Jace Matheney and cameron stockwell

Mrs. Allison Killian’s Kindergarten Class at Dibrell Elementary School shared their turkey recipes for Thanksgiving along with creating disguises for turkeys to help them escape the dinner table.

Brylen Hildreth: Catch a little turkey in the forest. I would do some salt first before you cook it.  Cook it in a big pan. I would add some more salt because I like it like that with lots of salt. The oven needs to be 10 degrees. We have a timer that goes off and that means it’s done. Fix some tomatoes to eat with it. 

Jasmine Jennings: Go get a big turkey from the fields. Put some eggs on the turkey before you cook it. I make turkeys a lot so I know you put it in a big pan. The oven needs to be super hot.  When it’s not cold anymore you know it’s done.  

Noely Villegas-Rivera: Go to a turkey farm and pick out a little turkey. Add some salt and pepper before you cook the turkey.  The oven needs to be a little hot. Take it out when it’s brown and eat it with chicken and peppers. 

Legend Abair: Get a big round turkey from the woods.  Cut off all the feathers before you cook it.  Make the oven a lot hot. Cook it with potatoes and macaroni and cheese. When it’s brown, take it out of the oven. Eat it with the potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

Avery Bond: Get a trap and catch a big turkey from the woods. Wash off all the dirt and leaves before you cook it. Those germs will make your belly upset. Put on a little bit of salt so it’s not too salty. Make sure the oven is six degrees. Not 100 degrees because your turkey will explode! You’ll know it’s done because it’ll look like the turkeys that are done that you see on the TV.  

Jessie Green: Get a little turkey from a special kind of turkey farm. Cut up the turkey because a live turkey can’t stay in an oven. Put some a little bit of salt, pepper, mushrooms and some banana pieces. That’ll make it taste good. The oven needs to be 50 degrees. When you hear ding ding you know the turkey is done. Fix some fruit, some vanilla pudding and eat it with your parents. 

Sloan Pearsall: Have your Mom drive you to Walmart and pick out a big turkey so you have enough for everybody to eat. Make sure it’s dead before you cook it. Just put the turkey in the oven plain. I like it plain because some stuff will make it taste funny. Make the oven really hot. When the timer beeps, take it out. Just eat the turkey by itself with nothing else and then take a long nap because Thanksgiving wears me out.  

Jace Matheny: Ask your grandparents to take you to Walmart and buy a big turkey. We need one that big because everyone who comes to my house needs to have some. I’d take some for everyone in my lunchroom at school too. Add ranch just to the top of it. I ate ranch at Mustard Seed and now I like it.  The oven needs to be 13 degrees and cook it for 14 minutes. When the clock rings take it out of the oven. It’s ready to eat after that.  

Hudson Hurley: Shoot a little turkey in the forest. Add just a little bit of salt and peanut butter to it. Set the oven to a bunch hot and cook the turkey for just a few minutes. Take it out when the microwave dings. Eat the turkey and nothing else. 

David Gonzalez: Buy a big turkey from the store. Pick out a big turkey because they taste the best. Eat some other food so you don’t get hungry because it tastes turkeys a long time to cook. Make the oven a little hot and cook it for two days. 

Cameron Stockwell: Get a turkey that’s this big from Target. Target is my favorite store and they have lots of good stuff. I’d put some cheese on it before I cook it. Turn the oven on super hot. Put it in the oven for seven, eight, nine hours. You’ll know it’s done when my Mama says it’s done.  

Genesis Juarez: Get a turkey from the pumpkin store. They have turkeys too. Get a little turkey. Put it in the oven by itself. Turn the oven a on really hot. Cook the turkey for a little bit of time and take it out and eat it. 

Mya Armstrong: Get someone to bring a turkey to your house because I don’t know where you find them. Get the kind you don’t have to cook on your own and eat it. 

Lea Skinner: Put a trap in the woods and catch a little turkey.  Heat the oven up to hotter, and hotter, and hotter. It needs to be in the freezer until you cook it. Cook it for 20 minutes. Add some sprinkles and other ingredients so it tastes just right. And then eat it with your family. 

Joseph Weis: Buy a little turkey from the Farmer’s Market.  Before you cook it, I would cut it into little pieces so it cooks faster. Put the oven on 89 degrees and cook it for 89 seconds. You’ll know it’s done by looking at it in the oven. If it’s looking bumpy you know it’s done. Eat it with a bunch of other good food. 

Blakelynn McKinney:  Get your Mom to take you to Walmart and pick out a little turkey. Cook it with some strawberries with cream, gummy bears, lots of sprinkles and some chewy gummies. Set the oven on 80 percent hot and cook it for just a little while. It should be done by 10:00. 

Mason Reagan: Go to the woods and catch a big turkey. Cut it up really small so it’ll cook all the way.  The oven needs to be 1000 degrees and cook it for 10 minutes. It’s probably done after 4 minutes. Cook it with salt, pepper, chicken and macaroni. Save some gummy bears for dessert.