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Hangin' out on The Strip
Food, funds and fun found in abundance at Back to The Strip Night
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Jackie Narramore picked an interesting spot to sit while cruising The Strip on Saturday night.While other people were hanging out windows or crammed into the back of pickups, Narramore decided to sit on the hood of his friend’s truck.“It was getting too hot inside the truck so I decided to ride out here,” said Narramore.The third annual Back to The Strip Night gave thousands of local residents a chance to say, “Look at me!” as they cruised up and down New Smithville Highway or sat by the road in their lawn chairs. The event also showed it is keeping up with technology as Rick Hayes shot video from his drone helicopter which hovered above The Strip. Many others also made video footage and posted it online.“I’m almost speechless,” said organizer Mary Walker when talking about turnout for the event.