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Greek chic
3  Emilio Sanchez and Courtney Curtis
Courtney Curtis and Emilio Sanchez are introduced at the prom, entering through an Greek Parthenon backdrop.

For Warren County High School seniors and their dates, the 2018 prom was one to remember. Students were transported to Ancient Greece, complete with columns, Grecian statues and flowing fountains, keeping with the prom theme, Nighttime in Greece.

The school lobby and gymnasium were abuzz with activity, with attendees posing for photos, visiting with friends, casting their vote for prom royalty, and dancing to music provided by The Sound Machine. 

“We sold 480 tickets to tonight’s event,” said prom sponsor Linda Taylor. “We did a lot of work to pull this night off, and I think it looks beautiful.”

Once again, students were able to digitally vote for their choice of King and Queen, with votes tabulated and the announcement made later in the night. 

This year’s royalty was Danielle Foster and Grant Hitchcock, and they were crowned by the reigning King and Queen, Hunter Hawkins iand Rylan Moore.

Photograph sessions were available for guests, provided by Beta Club members.

“The Beta Club wanted to do this as a fundraiser for their upcoming convention,” said Taylor. “Rachel McGee is actually taking the photos, with lots of assistance from the students, and it’s working out great.”

The prom program started with a welcome from senior class president Bethany Fye and vice president Abagail Mathis, followed by a prayer by Lane Murphy. Classmate Eli Eldridge entertained the group with a song, followed by the fun “Class of 2018 Year in Pictures,” presented by Kennette Dixon. Memorable photos were provided by the students for the presentation.

The fashion scene is always a large part of the prom, with both guys and girls putting a lot of thought, effort and expense into their attire. Most of the ladies wore floor-length models, but some did rock the short cocktail length. The emphasis seemed to be on the backs of the dresses, with lots of detail accenting the bodice. And, yes, the midriff bearing style is still in fashion. Many of the guys coordinate with their dates, with some sporting their own form of glitter and shine.

Many young ladies are coming to realize dress high heels are not always the best choice for walking and dancing for long periods. Hence, the immersion of assorted tennis shoes. More than one pair of Converse sneakers were peaking from beneath the hem of the evening gown. 
Senior Hailey Barkes was lovely in a pale yellow formal, and she chose her favorite Chuck Taylor’s to wear to her senior prom, declaring it’s all about being comfortable.

She and date Cayden Newby looked forward to a memorable date, each with their own agenda.

“This is a great night for me,” said Hailey. “I get to feel like a princess for at least one night in my life, and I love my shoes.”
Cayden, on the other hand, just enjoyed being with Hailey on her special evening.

“I am here to make her happy,” said Cayden. “It is a special night for her, so we are going to have a good time.”