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Future bright at Hickory Creek
fortune teller
Teacher Nancy Wallace predicts lots of good grades and Christmas presents in first grader Lily Graves' future. - photo by Lacy Garrison

Lucky for Hickory Creek Elementary, the rain couldn’t spoil their indoor fun Friday evening. The school held its annual Fall Fest throughout the school. 

While the gym hosted three massive inflatables, classrooms were magically transformed into game rooms alluring students with activities including karaoke, toilet toss and plinko.

Teacher Jamye Jaco’s homemade high striker game had students lined out the door to test their strength. Fourth grader Harley Peterson was one of the first to give the wooden hammer a swing. 

“The hammer is heavy and I bet it weighs 5 pounds,” said Peterson. “I didn’t hit it hard enough to reach the bell, but I got to 3 so that’s not bad. I won this gift bag.”

For students brave enough to enter her dark room entitled the “Witch’s Cupboard”, teacher Sonia Vandagriff offered a creepy sensory experience. On a table, were cauldrons labeled “worms”, “vampire teeth”, “brains” and “monster hair” for students to reach into while not being able to see what was hidden beneath the brim.  

“I told my students all day that I would be replaced by my evil twin Tonia,” laughed Sonia while green-faced and dressed like a witch. “Oh, I smell children! Come feel the sharp teeth.”

Many students entered the cafeteria and exited with pumpkins painted on their cheeks. A festive photo booth with props gave kids a chance to leave with a Polaroid posing with masks and an orange and black backdrop. 

A number of local food truck vendors, including Sloppy Top, PI.E, and the Greek Station, were invited to provide the meal. They lined the circle drive and were a big hit with their variety of menu options.

Additionally, a table filled with an assortment of themed-baskets were displayed for the silent auction. From cleaning supplies to Pioneer sports memorabilia, people lined up to check out the baskets and write down a bid.

Hickory Creek Elementary hopes to raise around $7,000 again this year.