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First National Bank celebrates 145 years
First National Bank- meal.jpg
Sonia Clemons, a longtime customer of First National Bank, receives a BBQ plate from bank staff, from left, Patti Barnes and Davoua Vang, during the bank’s anniversary celebration at the Farmers Market on Monday.
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In addition to being president and CEO of First National Bank of Middle Tennessee, Pieter van Vuuren does a mean impersonation of “Anchorman” star Ron Burgundy.

First National Bank celebrated 145 years of serving the community of Warren County and surrounding areas by holding an anniversary celebration to show appreciation for the bank’s customers.

First National Bank’s 145th anniversary celebration took place Monday at the Farmers Market with music, fellowship, free food and drinks, and extending expressions of gratitude for the bank’s customers. The focus was to give back to the clients who’ve trusted First National Bank with their finances and other important monetary dealings.

“To be in business for 145 years is just tremendous and shows the support this community has given this bank. That support has allowed us to reach out into other communities and grow the bank to offer better services,” says Pieter van Vuuren, president and CEO of First National Bank of Middle Tennessee. “I want to thank our customers very much for supporting us. This community has been so important to our bank for the past 145 years. I appreciate our customers and our employees for helping us build our bank.”  

Approximately 400 individuals took part in the event with a dinner provided by Collins River BBQ and desserts by Kimmi’s Tea Room. Hot chocolate and coffee were supplied by the Vanilla Bean Baking Co. 

First National Bank’s staff handed out meals and refreshments. The Warren County High School chorus delivered live entertainment.

First National Bank began in Warren County and now has five locations throughout the county. Over the past several years, the bank has expanded throughout the region by opening branches in Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, Nashville and mortgage operations in all the locations, as well. 

“Now, we offer several new products, such as wealth management, a title company to provide customers with title needs and a mortgage company which is probably one of the top mortgage companies in Middle Tennessee at this point,” says chairman of the board of directors Levoy Knowles. “We’re very proud of all of those departments, and we are expanding our trust department. We’re trying to diversify not only where we serve, but also what we serve. We’re trying to take the same hometown philosophy to all of our new locations.”

Knowles spoke about First National Bank’s past, how the bank has gotten to where it is today and how it’s become diversified by expanding its territory and going to several different areas over the last few years, as well as diversifying the products being offered. First National Bank of Middle Tennessee now provides wealth management, a title company to provide customers with their title needs and a mortgage company, which Knowles claims is probably one of the top mortgage companies in Middle Tennessee at this point.

“The 145th anniversary of First National Bank is very important for the bank, the community, the employees and our customers,” says Knowles. “It’s not often that an institution will stand the test of time for that long. First National Bank of Middle Tennessee is the third oldest bank in the state. We are still a community bank, and we’re here to serve our customers, the community and we expect to continue to do so for a long time.”