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Fall Creek Falls course offers aerial adventure
Fall Creek Falls course
Fall Creek Falls State Park’s Canopy Challenge Course offers tree-top adventures for all skill levels, young and old. To find out more about how to tap into your sense of adventure, call (615) 499-5779.

Fall Creek Falls State Park’s Canopy Challenge Course is in its sixth season of giving thrill-seekers the ability to fly through the forestry and maneuver tricky ropes in the air. 

Attached to a flexible lifeline system to prevent falls, patrons get a heart-pumping experience which tests both mental and physical stamina. 

Over 70 suspended obstacles are immersed in the scenic beauty with Fall Creek Falls Lake as the backdrop. Each participant is allowed to work at his or her own pace and make their way through the course most comfortable to them. 

There are six different routes ranging from easy to expert. Whether an individual is wishing to push the boundaries and see how far they can go on the tougher courses, seeking a more leisurely or kid-friendly climb, or wanting to achieve a hardcore strength exercise, the Canopy Challenge Course caters to everyone’s ability.

After proudly completing the kid’s obstacle course, 8-year-old Aubrey Pence said, “My favorite part was the zip lines.” 

Aubrey’s older brother, Blake Pence, 12, tackled the easy and moderate courses with an impressive fearlessness as he jumped back-and-forth from small planks, walked tightropes, and gave a thumbs-up while barreling down the zip line.

Participants are guided through outfitting, climbing and zip-lining instructions before being granted permission to independently explore the courses. The staff supervises and encourages each individual to progress safely and become comfortable with the harnesses, hooking and unlocking the attachment clips and holding on to the lead cord.

Tours are led three times daily with a capacity of 25 people per tour. As the summer months begin, groups go out hourly. The course caters to large groups, organizations and families to get outdoors and bond while doing something active.

Steve Clevenger, owner of the Canopy Challenge Course, says, “My favorite part of taking people on the course is watching them realize things about themselves that they can only learn here. This is a place where a lot of growth can happen if people are open to getting out of their comfort zones.”

The magnificence of being involved in nature, as well as the community feeling of everyone working together to conquer their fears and reach their goals, are equally as freeing and enjoyable as flying through the air and balancing on objects swinging high above ground. 

First-time Canopy Challenge Course participant, Jenny Green said, “I feel pretty good! I was really nervous at first since I’m scared of heights, but it feels awesome to be able to conquer my fears.”

The Canopy Challenge Course stays open through the last weekend in October. Once Memorial Day arrives, daily tours last all summer until Labor Day. For more information regarding pricing and booking reservations, visit or call 615-499-5779.