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Downtown LA's brilliant Anthony Quinn mural gets a makeover
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By JOHN ROGERS ,  Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "The Pope of Broadway," artist Eloy Torrez's brilliant 70-foot-tall mural of Oscar-winning actor Anthony Quinn, has visitors to downtown Los Angeles stopping to once again to stare in wonder.
The prominent Chicano artist was among some 100 people to gather Tuesday under the work he spent nearly four months restoring.
Torrez first put Quinn on a wall of downtown's venerable Victor Clothing Company building in 1985.
It had become weathered by the elements and damaged by graffiti vandals over the years.
City officials, actor Edward James Olmos, members of Quinn's family and others spent seven years raising funds and cutting through red tape to get Torrez the OK to repair it.
The artist says it was a joy to relive the days when he first painted the work.