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Craft fair kicks off Christmas shopping season
Yearly tradition still going strong
A brisk business throughout the show was enjoyed by vendor Jimmy Mansell with Galvanized Creations. His unique Tennessee signs, as well as the Mason jars and chicken signs, were all good sellers.

The 47th annual Warren County Arts and Crafts Fair is now in the history books. The show finished a successful two-day run at McMinnville Civic Center, and a fun sneak-a-peek night for the early-bird shoppers.
The event is presented by Homeland Community Bank.
The show features 154 vendors coming from near and far. Many locals anticipate and plan for the event from one year to the next. Many of the vendors are from nearby towns, with some coming from other states. One vendor, Penny Creel with Gray Barn Quilts, came from Brookville, Fla.
“We love it here, and we come to visit my sister,” said Creel. “That’s my excuse for coming to Warren County, but we eventually plan to build a house on the mountain.”
Her booth featured lovely machine-quilted items, as well as some hand-pieced quilt tops, with lots of interest in the University of Tennessee items. Her husband, Bill, is a singer/musician who was the entertainer showcased at the show.
Warren County native Christine Roberts has been in attendance to all but one of the many craft fairs, saying she started at the first one when it was held upstairs at the old City Bank and Trust.
“I have been to all but one, and after I missed it, I just couldn’t wait to get back,” said Roberts. I just like seeing everybody and I like crafts.”
Her booth is a crafter’s dream, with a large variety of handmade items, most made by Roberts herself. She has quilts, embroidered items, and the latest for her, hand traced quilt blocks. Knitted items, key chains, phone holders and lots of baby items were also displayed in her booth.
Chas Badger, with Badger’s Garden and Gift Shop, had a brisk business at the show explaining her product to the public. She had a wonderful display of air plants and assorted gift items displaying the plants.
Air plants are live plants that require no soil to grow, and are easy to care for. She says they need to be sprayed with water one to three times a week, and do better if they are placed within five feet of a window.
Vendor Charlene Adcock resides in Smithville, and is employed full time in the banking industry. Her hobby is crafting, and had a successful first run at the local event.
“I do a lot of large painted furniture items, but I brought my vintage window frames, and painted items to this show,” said Adcock.
One of the busier spots was the booth of Galvanized Creations, manned by Jimmy Mansell. He resides in Cookeville, works in Sparta, and loves to visit McMinnville. His calling card was galvanized signs featuring monograms, Mason jars, wreath hangers, ornaments and his Tennessee items featuring the tri stars.
“This is a great show, and I’m expecting to sell out,” said Mansell. “My Tennessee home signs are selling great. Who doesn’t want the Tennessee emblem in their home?”
Delicious, homemade food items were in abundance at the show, with shoppers eagerly purchasing them for their families. Diane Morton and Geneva Yates bake sweets for days in preparation for the show.
Shopper Johnnie Terry was excited about her purchase of chocolate cherries and sugar cookies, saying “I’m off work tomorrow, and I’m having my treats and a late night with Hallmark.”