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Covenant Academy holds Father Daughter Gala
Dance - Andrew and Briar Williams.jpg
Briar Williams, 8, says her favorite part of the Father Daughter Gala is dancing with dad, Andrew. The two twirled the dance floor together.

It was a chance to dance the night away Saturday during the annual Covenant Academy Father Daughter Gala. 

Event organizers selected the theme of “A Night under the Stars.” The dance attracted more than 200 participants.

“A lot goes into this event,” said Tim Miller, who has been Covenant headmaster since Dec. 2. “It is several months of preparing and about two days of staging the area for the event. It’s a massive undertaking.”

The school’s gym was transformed into a spectacular display with twinkle lights, festive centerpieces on each table and plenty of decorative spots for patrons to take gorgeous photos to commemorate the night.

“I hope everyone enjoys their time together,” said Miller. “Daddy, daughter time can be few and far between. It gets less and less as they get older. Take advantage of these moments as often as you can.” 

Miller speaks from experience. His adult daughter, Heather, joined him for the event. The two make a point of getting together at least once a week.

Among the party-goers was Manuel Madewell, who was in attendance with his adult son and four teenage granddaughters.

“We’ve been coming ever since it started,” said Madewell. “Two of the girls originally. Then two more. They only need us during the slow songs. During the fast ones, they prefer to dance without us. That’s fine by me.”

His granddaughters are Savanna Duggin, Madisen Madewell, Emma Grace Madewell and Sadie Duggin. 

“I enjoy it,” said Savanna, who confirmed her grandfather’s suspicions. “My favorite part is dancing with my cousins.” 

Gracie Brock, 16, says she’s been attending father-daughter dances for most of that time. 

“We started going to the one at McMinnville Civic Center when I was really little,” said Gracie, who attended with her father, Bill. “When Covenant began offering one, we started coming here. I enjoy these dances.” 

Gliding across the dance floor were Josh and Macy Dodson.

“I’m 7 years old,” said Macy, who then corrected. “Actually, I’m 7-and-a-half.” 

Dad jokingly participated in age accuracy, “I’m 40, but I feel like I’m 65.” 

An evening of swaying, swirling and twirling also included professional photography, dinner, desserts and door prizes.