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Construction can't slow fundraising fun
West Fest-Apple Game2.jpg
Three-year-old Isabella Ou chooses a scoop to bob for an apple filled with a prize. - photo by Lacy Garrison

For most events, combine construction and cold weather and attendance drops. However, West Elementary students and their families didn’t seem to care. They were all smiles for the school’s annual Fall Fest last Friday night.

Many students enjoyed reinventing their look by visiting several stations including nail salon, temporary tattoos and hair color and face painting. Second-grader Nova Ferrell sported freshly polished blue nails, pink hair and a temporary arm tat.

“Having pink hair is fun,” said Nova after glancing in a full-length mirror. “I’d say getting my nails and hair done has been my favorite part so far.”

Games like Digging for Prizes, Go Fish, and Bobbin’ for Apples drew kids inside classrooms to participate. One popular game tested hand-eye coordination – Ping-Pong Targets. Students used nerf guns to try and knock as many balls off golf tees propped in the middle of a table.

“I got close, but didn’t knock any off,” said second-grader Wyatt Elkins. “I just need more practice.”

First-graders Cylus Cunningham and Cayliana Ortega won goldfish and were discussing name options for their new friends. Cylus settled on “Goldie” while carefully holding his plastic bag up to inspect his new buddy.

In the gym, kids hopped around in a bouncy house and played other games requiring more space, including a large Plinko board made with nails and wood.

“My fiancé helped make this,” said fourth-grade teacher Rebekah Walters. “It’s been a hit. The kids love climbing up and dropping the chip and watching to see where it lands.”

The event was presented by the PTO, planning games and activities designed for the children’s enjoyment. PTO president Lincoln Talbert said the festival raised around $2,500 with funds being earmarked for a new digital sign in front of the school.

“These funds were allocated toward the new digital, cloud-based sign going in next month which cost just over $15,000,” said Talbert. “It’s taken around two years and I’m just glad we were able to raise enough to cut a check to the School Board for West’s much-deserved sign.”

Principal Michelle Lewis and her staff are very appreciative of the support shown to the school and the students’ benefit.