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Church group aims to provide school supplies for students
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A local group is planning an event to help kids in need have the materials they’ll need for a successful school year.

“We’re hoping we can help take the pressure off of parents and teachers by providing backpacks and school supplies for students who could use a little help,” said Michael Harris, president of the Warren County Ministerial Association. “So many people are out of work because of this COVID-19 crisis that times are just kind of tough.”

Harris and other members of the ministerial association expect to provide 300 to 400 backpacks loaded with school supplies needed for the upcoming school year.

“The school gives a list of materials the students will require and that’s what we’ll provide,” Harris said. “The list changes with different grade levels so some bags will be specific for elementary school, some for middle school, and some for high school.”

Harris estimates the total cost of each bag will be around $25. “From what I can tell by shopping around so far, the backpacks will be the most expensive item in the bag. I think they’ll probably come to about $12 a piece. We don’t have a list of materials yet but we’re guessing with the backpacks and the required materials the cost will come to about $25 each,” Harris said.

The money to purchase the bags was raised through donations to the Warren County Ministerial Association.

“Several churches in Warren County are part of our ministerial association and we try to have joint services every other month. At least once a quarter, anyway. We pick different locations for the services. We schedule a speaker and have a fellowship service where we take donations to fund whatever project we’re working on at the time,” Harris explained.

“The purpose of the association is to bring unity to churches in the community. All the funds raised are used locally,” said Harris.

The giveaway is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 8 at West Elementary from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Pre-registration for the giveaway will be required. Harris and the other members of the association are still hammering out the details for the best way to have prospective recipients register. 

Harris encourages anyone who would like to make a donation to the book bag giveaway to contact him by email at