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Celebrating 100 days of school
Students mark milestone
Fifth-grader Easton West recalls his 100th day of kindergarten, and enjoys helping Joseph French with his by making a snack bag filled with 100 items.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the 100th day of school, which occurred last week for Warren County students, with many of them participating in fun activities.
The day is mostly observed by the younger students, who are learning basic math skills, focusing on counting to 100.
“The 100th day of school is about reinforcing counting skills and teaches math along with the concept of time,” said Eastside kindergarten teacher Melody Brock. “It’s also a popular thought among kindergarteners that after the 100 days they are ready for graduation and first grade.”
Brock’s students, along with Kristi Bost’s students, had a fun day with the various activities planned by the teachers. They were assisted in the execution of the projects by fifth-grade students in Karen Griffin's and Sasha Heiser’s classes.
They made necklaces with 10 colors of 10, adding up to 100 beads; made a 100-day snack and decorated 100-day posters.
On the poster, the students had to tell what thing they would like to have 100 of, and what they would never want to have 100 of. Some very interesting answers occurred, with Maddalynne Noll saying she would like to have 100 holidays, and she would not like to have 100 mommies.
While the older students had fun interacting with the kindergarten students, they also picked up a few pointers along the way.
“I learned it’s about helping the kids,” said Aspen King. “It’s fun watching them learn, but they are messy sometimes.”
Heiser said her students have been looking forward to this activity and it is so nice to see them interacting with the young children.
“They seem to have so much patience with them,” said Heiser. “All do not have siblings, so they seem to enjoy being with them.”
Brock has been a classroom teacher for several years, and remembers having some of the fifth-graders in her previous kindergarten class. Many of the students recall the fun experiences they had and enjoy sharing them again.
“I remember my 100th day of kindergarten, and really looked forward to helping this year,” said fifth-grader Easton West. “I was so excited last night I could hardly sleep.”