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Books from Birth continues to be great story
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Christie Allison addresses the County Commission during the nonprofit segment of the meeting Monday night to discuss the Books from Birth program. - photo by Bethany Porter
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Dolly Parton does a lot of things, but she only pays postage for the Books from Birth Program. Christie Allison informed county commissioners what the money the county gives Books from Birth is used for since she took over the program. 

Books from Birth is an affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The program promotes reading by providing age-appropriate books for children from birth to age 5. Allison spoke during the nonprofit segment of the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night and explained what some of the money given to the program was used on.

“With this money that we received, the $10,000, we used that to buy our books for our children here in Warren County. You will see roughly that it costs us about $1,500 a month just to be able to buy the books each month for the children. A lot of people think Dolly pays for all of that. She pays for the postage. The counties themselves have to pay for the amount of money so it is a great cost monthly and we do pay that monthly,” said Allison.

Some of the money went to books being given out at a few different events. Allison also gave some books to new Warren County school teachers for their classrooms. Books were given out at the Caring Hearts United Wonderland of Trees event, and Allison said the kids were very excited about the books.

“To see the smiles on those kids’ faces. I just put the books in a big wagon and they were just digging through until some of the parents were like, ‘pick out two books and let’s go,” they were really excited about the books,” said Allison.

Allison says she was able to buy high-quality books for a good price and she believes reading is very important. 

“I believe reading for children is the most important thing we need to teach children because without being able to read you can’t do any other subjects,” said Allison in her comments to Warren County commissioners.