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Bobby Ray students begin school year with fun soaking
Bobby Ray Fun Day water - boy with arms.jpg
Students enjoyed bouncy houses, obstacle courses and the playground before cooling off and splashing in the water provided by a firetruck. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt
Bobby Ray Fun Day water- little girl.jpg
“The start of the year has pretty much been awesome. I’m just trying to keep that up and have a great school year,” said Mya Tyler, 8. Mya is a third-grader in Mr. Lopez’s class at Bobby Ray. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt

Bobby Ray Elementary School started the year with a splash when McMinnville Fire Department brought a firetruck and made it rain, spraying water on the students below. 

The sun was shining early Friday afternoon, but at Bobby Ray water rained down on students as a fireman, who was raised high into the air by a firetruck bucket, used a water hose to soak the gleeful children running and playing underneath.

 Mya Tyler, 8, couldn’t believe there was a firetruck at her school.

“Today’s been a ton of fun!” said Mya. “My favorite part was running and dancing in the water.”

Bouncy houses, obstacle courses, the playground and the firetruck’s super soaker were set up outside, and the activities rotated between grade levels. By Friday, every student in the school had earned three good behavior tickets in order to participate.

“I think this event sets a good tone for being rewarded for good behavior, as well as welcoming new students to Bobby Ray to let them know we want to work hard, but we also want to play hard,” says principal Monti Hillis.

McMinnville Fire Department has been bringing a truck to spray the students of Bobby Ray for a fun day outside every year since 2005.

“My favorite part is watching the kids run around having a blast,” said Marty White, administrative captain of McMinnville Fire Department. “It’s a fun time, and I know the firemen enjoy it too.”