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Black History Museum moves to West Main
Black History Museum
Black History Museum of Warren County will be located in this building on West Main Street in Suite 13.

The Black History Museum of Warren County has found a home at 203 West Main Street, Suite 13. 

Wayne Wolford, museum curator, says the old clinic is the perfect location for local history preservation.

“It’s a historic building, a perfect place for the museum,” said Wolford on Monday. “A deposit and first month’s rent was paid today. The area has eight rooms, plenty of space. Having a permanent location will help us obtain grants.” 

The building is owned by First Presbyterian Church. It served as a healthcare facility for more than 40 years and was the birthplace for many local residents born during that era. 

Memorabilia and artifacts can now be accepted. Items can be donated or given on loan.  

“We have the space, so we can now accept memorabilia and artifacts,” said Wolford. “Hopefully, each of those will come with a story behind it. Stories are important. As time passes, history is lost. In our community, the past of our black population history has diminished to 1 percent. This museum will present and educate the public of black history influence in this community.”

Established was a board of directors to oversee the museum and its antiquities: president Marvin Lusk, vice president Jeffrey Martin, treasurer Helen Martin, secretary Rachel Killebrew, historian Cheryl Mingle, James “Mickey” Gwyn, Steve Nowlin, Wally Bigbee, Phyllis Nowlin, Roy Curtis, Curtis Strode, Michele Strode and Michael Harris.

Wolford has two questions of the public.

“There’s a desire in this community for black history preservation,” said Wolford. “We’ve got some good history here. We just have to dig it up from the past and begin preserving it for future generations. I’d like to know two things: What are you expecting from the museum and what do you want to see in the museum? I’d like to know the answers to those two questions.” 

Wolford can be reached at 931-212-6609.

A date for the Black History Museum of Warren County to open has not been set. A website and Facebook page have been established. The website is