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Aquarium animals could react to eclipse
Tennessee Aquarium lemur experts are anticipating observing the behavior of their lemur residents during the upcoming solar eclipse. The animals are very in tune with light cycles and the unexpected period of darkness could prompt a reaction.
Since the opening of the lemur forest exhibit earlier this year, the Tennessee Aquarium’s ring-tailed and red-ruffed lemurs have demonstrated time and again that they’re keenly aware of what’s going on above them. When they spy a plane or hawk passing overhead, these intelligent mammals will sound a thunderous warning call alerting to the presence of a potential predator. Ring-tails, in particular, also are well-known for adopting a yoga-like posture to bask in pools of sunlight — an act known as “sun worshipping.”So how will these sky-watching, light-loving animals react during the two minutes of darkness on Aug. 21 as the Southeast experiences its first total solar eclipse in nearly a century?