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Three Star Cinema now offers option of renting out theater
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Bob Bassham is providing a new offering at Three Star Cinema where 20 people can rent one of the theaters for $99. Bassham says people are welcome to bring their own movie or watch one of his. To reserve a theater, call Julie at (931) 224-8401.

In this year of COVID-19, businesses are being forced to adapt.

No one knows that better than Bob Bassham, owner of Three Star Cinema.

After a months-long shutdown due to the pandemic, Bob says the theater is working to regain its footing. To help accomplish that, the theater has unveiled a new offering that allows up to 20 visitors to reserve one of the theaters for $99.

It’s great, Bob says, for birthday parties or large groups who want to enjoy a classic movie. Those who reserve the theater are welcome to bring their own movie on DVD.

“This is something we’re trying to help us keep the doors open,” said Bob. “We’ve been doing this about three weeks now and so far ‘Christmas Vacation’ with Chevy Chase has been the most popular film. People are welcome to bring any movie they want. So far we’ve been able to get everything to work. We tell them they can bring their own food if they like, but we’d appreciate it if they use our concession stand.”

There are many great things in life and among them is the hot, buttered popcorn at Three Star Cinema. It’s so good it will make you smile.

Being able to rent an entire movie theater for 20 people opens up a world of possibilities. A group could get together to see cult classics like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Bassham says the theater business is slowly beginning to gain steam. He said last week’s release of “The Croods: A New Age” has given him a glimpse of optimism.

“That film really picked us up and has been the best one so far,” said Bob. “When we get first-run movies from the major studios, they tend to do well. We hope they continue to release movies to us before they hit the streaming services.”

Bassham said two of the biggest releases he sees on the horizon are both set to hit the silver screen on Christmas Day.  They are “Wonder Woman 1984” and “News of the World” starring box office draw Tom Hanks.

John Schneider of “Dukes of Hazzard” fame is also releasing a new movie. It’s called “Stand On It” and it’s a rendition of the Burt Reynolds classic “Smokey and the Bandit.” The John Schneider film will be at Three Star Cinema this coming Friday, Dec. 11.

For anyone who would like to reserve the theater for a party of up to 20, give Julie a call at (931) 224-8401.