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Taste of Downtown to be served Oct. 9
Kimmi's Tea Room.jpg
Mark and Kimmi Taylor are pictured with tasty treats at Kimmi's Tea Room on N. Spring Street.
Joe O'Neal.jpg
Pictured is Joe O'Neal of Collins River BBQ, one of the participating businesses.

Main Street McMinnville is offering a Taste of Downtown, literally. Tickets are on sale now for a four-course dinner Oct. 9.

“We are so, so excited about this event,” said Main Street McMinnville board member Rodney Boyd. “I think this will be an incredible event. The Promotions Committee is fired up about it. We are already selling tickets.”

A delicious night in downtown McMinnville will feature the best of Begonias, Collins River BBQ, Cumberland Biscuit Company, Kimmi’s Tea Room, TOPZ/Metro Deli and Vanilla Bean Baking Company. Participants stroll from restaurant to restaurant at designated times throughout the evening and indulge.

The Taste of Downtown has two set menus for people to choose from when they purchase a ticket. Each includes appetizers and drinks, soup and salad, entrée, and dessert. No substitutions allowed. Once the menu has been chosen, then choose between two times: 4 to 7 p.m., or 5 to 8 p.m. 

Limited tickets are available for this full meal and unique dining experience. They are $60 per person. Tables have a maximum capacity of four per table. 

“We can’t sell more tickets than the smallest venue we have,” said Boyd. “I think these tickets will end up being in demand. You better get yours quick because the smallest venue we have are the most people we will be able to push through at any given time.”

Taste of Downtown is being offered during Main Street McMinnville’s Second Saturday event on the evening of Oct. 9, which also means patrons to the dining experience can partake in the bustle of downtown shops being open and live music filling the night air.

Tickets can be purchased at Main Street McMinnville’s office by called 931-506-5335 or by email at Tickets are non-refundable.