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Silver Scissors owners enjoy lasting partnership
Silver Scissors - owners.jpg
Longtime business partners Glenda Smith, left, and Tina Foster have moved Silver Scissors to 1012 South Chancery Street in the basement of USA Chiropractic. They can be reached at 473-7574.
Silver Scissors - Cleta Bouldin.jpg
Cleta Bouldin, a longtime Silver Scissors customer, prepares to go under the dryer. Cleta enjoys getting her hair done by Glenda Smith because she says, “She makes you beautiful.”

When they first started cutting hair together in 1984, Tina Foster and Glenda Smith probably never thought they’d still be co-workers 35 years later.

As co-owners of Silver Scissors, they’ve moved into a new location in the basement of USA Chiropractic at 1012 South Chancery Street.

“We really get along great,” said Tina, who added she and Glenda have rarely had a cross word. “We first started working together in 1984 and we were in the same building on Mullican Street for 26 years, so moving here was really something different for us.”

The two are showing no signs of slowing down with Glenda busy washing the hair of longtime customer Cleta Bouldin on Friday morning.

“The biggest comment I hear is this younger generation doesn’t shampoo hair anymore,” said Glenda. “They sure don’t shampoo hair like I do.”

Cleta was certainly appreciative and she was having a blast cutting up with the ladies.

“They enjoy people like me,” said Cleta with a smile before ducking under a hair dryer.

“Not many people get under the dryer anymore,” said Glenda of a major change she’s seen in the industry. “There are still a few, but not many. Nowadays it’s a curling iron and blow dryer.”

Tina says she loves her customers and they’re the reason she continues to work as a hair stylist. She says her job is “too much fun” to consider doing anything else. It also involves a fair amount of listening.

“You can’t repeat what you hear,” said Tina of the stories she’s heard, “not if you want to keep your people.”

Glenda and Tina say it will be just the two of them at their new location with no plans to have any employees. Among the clients Tina has established over the years is none other than Southern Standard sports editor Jeffery Simmons, who takes pride in maintaining a stylish head of hair.

Silver Scissors can be reached at 473-7574.