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Secret Chef - Fiesta Ranchera No. 3 expands my horizons
Secret Chef art

Before I begin this article I must shed a bit of honesty to the readers. As a young boy and a teenager growing up in New England (RI), I was not privy to Mexican food like the SW United States.  

With an ancestry deriving from England, Ireland, Sweeden and Germany mixed with the local Italian community in the city, while residing in the rural farmlands and apple orchards, there wasn’t much chance of any meal at my parents’ house other than what was taught from generation to generation.

Even in the school system for lunches, the same applied. It wasn’t until I joined the Navy right after high school that I had my first opportunity to sample different foods from other cultures.  Believe me, when I say this, It was an eye-opener.  

When I enlisted, Taco Bell wasn’t even invented yet. Through the years, my wife has started to “bring me around” because she likes Mexican foods and it would give us a chance to take turns with our choices.  

Today I visited Fiesta Ranchera No. 3 across from Bobby Ray Elementary and next door to Auto Zone. I went by myself (getting brave) and ordered a Nacho Supreme with a Pepsi. It wasn’t until working in the Fair Booth this year did I know what a Nacho Supreme was.  

While I was waiting, the waiter brought me a basket of chips and some dip. I was starving and the dip tasted wonderful. When the plate arrived it looked a little different than what I imagined but I dug in and the flavors were impressive. The meat was warm and the flavors blended together on the crunchy chips.  

When I finished there was room for nothing else. The restaurant was nice and clean and the staff was wonderful. There was mariachi music playing continuously and added to the atmosphere and made you feel at home.

Update: My wife informed me that I will take her the next time I visit Fiesta Ranchera No. 3.