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Hickory Creek BBQ to give gift of free meal to anyone
Hickory Creek BBQ - free meal original.jpg
Junior Herrin shows one of the turkeys that will be prepared for a free meal served at Hickory Creek BBQ on Christmas day.

It ‘tis the season to enjoy a free Christmas meal compliments of Hickory Creek BBQ.

For the second year in a row, business owners Junior and Annette Herrin are serving a free meal on Christmas day from their BBQ truck at the Three Star Mall parking lot. It will be a traditional Christmas feast with turkey, dressing, potatoes, and all the trimmings.

“We did this last year and served BBQ sandwiches and chips,” said Junior, who indicated the free meal was well appreciated, but they wanted to provide more of a holiday flavor this year.

After serving an estimated 80 people last year, Junior and Annette are planning on enough food for 100 this year.

“We don’t have kids and we don’t open presents so this is something we’re happy to do to give back,” said Annette. “We’re fortunate now to be able to get what we need. I remember growing up when I wanted something, I had to wait till Christmas to get it. Now if I want something, I just go and get it. I feel blessed to be able to do that. This Christmas meal is something we want to keep doing to be community-minded and we want to keep doing it as long as we’re able to do it.”

Hours for the free Christmas meal this Wednesday are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Junior says everyone is welcome to stop by for free food and fellowship. Weather forecasts call for a mild day.

“People who don’t have a place to go to eat on Christmas are welcome to come here and eat with us,” said Junior. “If we get a big crowd, we’ll keep serving till the food runs out.”

Hickory Creek BBQ has been in business for six years. In addition to its food truck stationed at the mall, the business also does catering. Junior says no crowd is too big as he owns a smoker that holds 1,000 pounds of meat.

He also has a new 28-foot food truck that’s nearly ready for operation. Junior purchased the truck in February in Austin, Texas and has been working to properly outfit it ever since.

The Herrins say they’ve been frequently asked about abandoning the food truck business and opening a restaurant. Annette says that’s not going to happen.

“A restaurant is too much with all the overhead and the employees,” said Annette. “I like what we’re doing just fine.”

Hickory Creek BBQ can be reached at 409-5887 or 409-6026.