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Dollar General launches new higher-end store
Two Popshelf locations were launched in Tennessee last month.

With 12 Dollar General locations in Warren County, how long will it take for us to get a Popshelf?

Dollar General is launching a new store brand called Popshelf that’s aimed at slightly higher-end shoppers who appreciate a good deal.

Popshelf will feature home decor, beauty items, cleaning supplies, party goods and more — with the majority of items costing $5 or less. 

Each Popshelf store will be about 9,000 square feet, about the same size as a standard Dollar General, and its merchandise will include some of DG’s private labels.

Popshelf will be geared toward women who live in suburban areas and have an annual household income ranging from $50,000 to $125,000, the company said.

The first two Popshelf stores opened in late October in the Nashville area. One store was in Clarksville and the other in Hendersonville.

So is Warren County in line to get a Popshelf considering our high volume of Dollar General stores?

“With the learnings and insights gained from these two stores, we’ll look for additional locations to add Popshelf stores,” said Dollar General spokesperson Angela Petkovic. “We do plan on having approximately 30 stores open by the end of our 2021 fiscal year, which is January, 2022.”  

Tennessee-based Dollar General has largely catered to customers on a tight budget. Many of its stores have opened in rural areas too small to attract bigger retailers, such as a Walmart, though it’s also opened locations in suburban areas and cities.

Even before the recession hit, Dollar General’s store count and its sales were growing at a rapid clip. It has more than 16,700 stores across 46 states. Its same-store sales rose by 18.8% in the most recent fiscal quarter, which ended July 31.

Dollar General stock has gained about 40% so far this year, bringing Dollar General’s market cap to more than $54 billion.