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Condos coming to Durham Street
Mike Hale's condos.jpg
Construction work takes place Friday on a condo on Durham Street being built by Mike Hale.

Durham Street began to transform a few years ago when Smooth Rapids opened a restaurant and campground.

The transformation continues as Mike Hale is in the process of constructing four upscale condominiums in the neighborhood.

“I should have the first one done in three to four weeks and I can’t wait to start on more when that's complete,” said Hale, who is well known for his skill in handling plumbing and electric work.

“This first one is 2,300 square feet. It’s going to be nice with a black steel balcony and I’m constructing a white brick front wall. I’ve seen a couple of these condos being built in Franklin when I was doing work up there and I really liked the look of them so I decided I could do something like that here.”

Hale has done much of the work himself, although he has farmed out some of it to other workers. He said when he gets the first condo complete, he will begin demolition work on the H&H Hale Plumbing building.

When that building is gone, he will continue down the street building more condos.

“I have a buyer for one for sure, maybe two,” said Hale. “If everything goes as planned, I hope to have all four finished by the spring. That includes the landscaping and concrete driveways.”

Hale said the condos will range in size from 1,600 to 2,300 square feet. They will add new flair to a street not necessarily known for luxurious living.

“I like to build on the upper scale,” said Hale, who has previously built homes on Center Hill Lake in the Hidden Harbor area. “This is really going to transform Durham Street. It’s going to look a whole lot different.”