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Business Roundtable - City producing results
downtown fountain

Highlights for the city of McMinnville in 2022 include coming in under budget and having the budget submitted on time, initiation of infrastructure projects, and the success of the Milner Recreation Center and the McMinnville on Ice synthetic ice rink.

There were 50,291 swipes or entries at the Milner Center during 2022 or approximately 140 people a day which is up about 50 percent from the Civic Center.  The city was able to bring back a craft fair and agricultural event from two years prior.  A summer camp for kids, as well as new upscale classes, were added.  

From Dec. 2 to the first week in February, there have been over 1,600 paid skaters at the ice rink.  This is viewed as a “big success.”  Plans are already underway for increasing the size of the rink for next season.

There are currently 153 full time employees for the city.  22 were added during 2022 – police, fire department, administrative and parks & recreation.  There are currently eight new openings not yet filled.  They are two police; three public works; one mechanic; one tax clerk; and one meter reader.  All eight openings are on the city website and advertised in the Southern Standard and the city’s social media accounts.  

Kerrie Morton and Dietra Dunlap are newly elected aldermen who took office during the new term.

The city’s financials from the most recent fiscal year are as follows:

• Cash  -  $7,806,273

• Property taxes  -  $2,019,925  (slower than 2021)

• State Sales Tax - $806.933 (Up)

• Wholesale liquor tax - $143,059 (Up)

• Wholesale Beer Tax - $271,194 (Up)

• Hotel/motel tax (TDC) – $94,219 (Way Up)

The city’s financial position is on solid ground.

New businesses expected this spring downtown include:

• Red Door Boutique (relocating)

• Handsome Jack’s – men’s apparel 

• Phi-Aesthetics – medical spa

• Waterstone Title & Escrow

• Wink – relocating from Spring St. to Morford St.

A dozen new streets were paved during 2022 within the city.  Sidewalks were done on S. High St.; West Coville, and Villa/Rebel Hill.  More new sidewalks are planned for 2023 on Ridgecrest, Garfield, Warren Locust, Ross Avenue, West End Avenue and Spring Street.

A big project for the city is the new road extension to Magness Drive.  This has been on the TDOT plan for the last four years, but will begin this March.  Completion is expected by the end of September.  This will be a boost to the Robotics Center, TCAT, Motlow-McMinnville campus, Newell Brands plant and various emergency services.  Two traffic lights will service this sprawling area instead of one.  

A standing infrastructure grant for sewer rehabilitation is being closed out for several streets.  A new ARC infrastructure grant is coming for storm water, sewer rehabilitation, infiltration amd in-flow studies.

BRAC congratulates the city of McMinnville aldermen for this sustained project success.  Not only are the successes being realized, but they are being perpetuated.  The new TDOT road project off the four lane coupled with a new health department, the new National Guard armory (also expected to be complete about the same time as the road), and the Bridgestone-Warren expansion will collectively make a big difference for McMinnville.