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Business Pulse - Prices keep dropping at Bargain World
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I wish every business would adopt the same pricing strategy that Gary Mason has in place for his bargain bins at Bargain World on Sparta Highway.

The store is closed every Thursday for a complete restocking. When the doors open Friday morning, every bin item is $5. That’s the price of having first dibs at the best stuff.

On Sunday, the bin items drop to $3, then to $2 on Monday before settling at the rock-bottom price of just $1 for Tuesday and Wednesday.

It sets up a gamble. Do you buy it on Friday, or hope it lasts a few more days so you can snatch it at a better price? Shopping at Bargain World comes with some weighty decisions.

“We had a line outside the door waiting for us to open today,” said Gary on Friday. “I’d say the $5 days and the $1 days are the two most popular. You’d be surprised how many people come in here and pick out 25 or 30 items on $5 days. That can still be a really good price on a lot of this stuff.”

Gary says he has no idea himself what will be on the truck when it arrives with overstock items from Amazon and Target on Thursday.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” said Gary. “We have no idea what’s going to show up on the truck. This is a different way to shop. With Dollar General and Walmart you can walk in and you pretty much know what’s going to be there every time. With this store, you’re getting something different.”

Gary says the bins have been so popular since he added that dimension to his store that he wants to expand that aspect of the business and become the largest bin store in all of Tennessee.

“Think of what a draw that would be,” said Gary. “To say you have a large bin store is one thing. To say you have the largest bin store in Tennessee would bring people here from Nashville and Chattanooga.”

Shelbyville resident Junior Pane is already a regular. He was shopping Friday and picked out a number of items.

Gary says he’s looking to expand the bin store as early as February. He said he currently goes through one 53-foot trailer of merchandise a week and he thinks his expansion would allow him to order two truckloads a week.

“When I do that, I’m also going to expand the parking lot,” said Gary. “It gets full and a big comment I get is that I need more parking.”

Bargain World is open six days a week, Friday thru Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. It’s closed Thursday for restocking.

It’s located on Sparta Highway next to Bobcat of McMinnville just before you get to Powers 4-Lane BP as you’re leaving McMinnville.

Fazoli’s hiring For all jobs

Job applications are currently available online and Fazoli’s will begin hiring for every position in the restaurant this Monday.

“I’m going to run a great restaurant and that all starts with having courteous employees,” said Bill Townsend, owner of our Fazoli’s franchise. “We’re starting at $10 an hour so we’re hoping to get some good associates. High school kids are welcome to apply and we’ll need dayshift workers too.”

Bill is a veteran of the restaurant industry. He has previously owned a Wendy’s franchise and he currently owns six Captain D’s, although he doesn’t own our Captain D’s in McMinnville.

Equipment is expected to arrive Wednesday as our Fazoli’s inches closer to an expected opening in late February.

“If we can hire enough employees, we’ll open on time,” said Bill. “That’s our challenge now.”

Visit to apply. The restaurant is located at 814 New Smithville Highway.

Big news At the mall

We’re in the midst of exciting times at Three Star Mall, which has become abuzz with movein activity.

At one of the corner stores near center stage, Sam’s Deli & Sweet Box Bakery is in the process of opening. The door was open on Friday so I popped in and asked about a possible opening date. It’s still going to be a month or so down the road so I’ll provide more details later.

Work appears to be progressing nicely for the VA Clinic which will soon occupy a large section of the mall where McMinnville Parks and Recreation used to be. I guess it’s time to stop referring to that spot as the old Bookland location since many people don’t remember when we had Bookland.

Next to the old GNC, a photo studio is on the way. Brenda Hastings is getting the spot ready for what will be Classic Desire Photography.

“I looked for so long about where to put the studio and thought about what would be a prime location,” said Brenda. “Then I came to the mall and I immediately thought this would be the perfect spot.”

The photo studio will be conveniently located across from Ascend, which is a hopping bank, and on the way to J’s Restaurant, which is adored far and wide.

Brenda says she will have a variety of backdrops for people and families who want to come in for studio shots. She’s also happy to go on location.

“I like to give people all the options they want,” said Brenda. “If someone is getting a senior photo made and wants to go out on location to grandpa’s farm to get pictures with his old truck, I’m fine with that. I want to capture that moment for people, whatever it may be. I’m pretty well convinced I was born with a camera in my hand because I love taking pictures.”

Brenda says she likes being in McMinnville after moving here from Manchester.

“Manchester feels like it’s just stuck,” said Brenda. “McMinnville seems like it has something going on somewhere all the time. I think there’s a lot of potential being here at the mall.”

Brenda has a few finishing touches to put on her store and hopes to be open in February. I told her I would come out and take her picture when she’s ready to open.

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