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Bush retires from Post Office after 38.5 years
Former postmaster Charles Bogle, left, and postmaster Brent Nunley, right, present Jimmie Dean Bush with a cake in celebration of her retirement after 38.5 years of service at McMinnville Post Office.

If you’re in a trivia contest with the category being Warren County roads, it would be wise to have Jimmie Dean Bush on your side.

“I know all the streets in Warren County,” said Bush. “Just name a street and I’ll tell you where it is.”

She gained that knowledge through nearly four decades working at McMinnville Post Office. There was an official retirement ceremony in her honor Friday morning to recognize her for 38.5 years of service.

“My plans now are to enjoy more time with my family and enjoy that phase of my life,” said Bush. “I’ve done several different jobs here. I carried a city route for 12 years off Sparta Street and I’ve worked the window for years.”

She revealed her birthday is on Sept. 11 and she planned to participate Saturday morning in the Wounded Warrior event at WCHS. 

In this day where it’s somehow become hip to dislike the media, Bush has a different approach when it comes to her hometown newspaper.

“I just love the Southern Standard,” she said. “I’ve been reading it since I was 12 and I already read a little of it this morning before I left to come to this. I was sad to learn about Doc Malone dying. He cared for our animals for a number of years.”

McMinnville Post Office has been experiencing huge volumes of packages over the past month. The theory is many people have money to order online thanks to government stimulus checks. The post office processed 4,200 packages on Monday, well above its normal level.

“It’s been like Christmas,” said postmaster Brent Nunley, who had words of praise for Bush as she enters retirement. “She would always go out of her way to help customers.”

Former postmaster Charles Bogle was in attendance and said a few words about Bush and her work ethic. In addition to her official duties, Bogle noted she would volunteer for extra assignments.

“When the post office used to have a float in the Christmas parade, she was always one of the first to volunteer,” said Bogle. “That was unpaid work that you had to do on your own time.”