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All Paws kennel off to doggone good start
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Tracy Knowles is pictured inside the new business she opened with her husband Corey called All Paws Boarding.
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Tracy Knowles had a love for dogs when she started raising German shepherds. Families who bought her dogs would have a frequent question.

“They would ask if we would keep the dog when they go out of town,” said Tracy. “So that’s really how all of this got started.”

All Paws Boarding opened at the end of June at 1101 Laws Road. The kennel was barking with excitement Friday afternoon, operating at near capacity.

“I’ve really been surprised with how busy we’ve been,” said Tracy who said her husband Corey did much of the work on the kennel himself. “I thought it would be a more gradual process to get it built up. I think I only have one spot left for the first week of October. That’s fall break.”

The cost is $25 a day for one dog in one kennel. If there are dogs who live together and can stand to be in the same kennel, Tracy will board two dogs in the same kennel for $40 a night. 

She has large, fenced areas on her 5 acre property and says that gives the dogs plenty of room to roam. She takes them on walks and lets them in the yard daily.

The kennels are nice and clean, Tracy said pet owners are welcome to bring bedding or other familiar items to make it feel more like home. The indoor area is heated and cooled to give animals a place to escape the elements.

All Paws Boarding can be reached at (931) 409-1662.