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Young asks for teacher raises
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In his final request to the board on which he served for 12 years, outgoing School Board member Bob Young called for pay raises for the teachers of Warren County.
“Back when I started on the board, back in 2000, we gave the teachers a good raise that brought them up to about 30th in the state,” Young said in his retirement speech during his last official meeting with the board. “But that’s been quite awhile ago, and now we’re 61st in the state. I would like to see something done for the teachers to put them back up there.”
Young chose to retire from his position this year, to be replaced by Tanya Bess, who won election to the School Board earlier this month.
Young was presented a plaque by his fellow board members during his final meeting, with School Board chairman Scott Holmes having high praise for his mentor.
“Whenever any thing was brought up, the first thing Bob would ask is ‘How will it help the kids?’” Holmes said in presenting the plaque to Young. “He always had the students at heart and that’s what this is all about.”
As for his final request, members of the School Board agreed teacher salaries do need to increase. However, it is finding money in an already tight budget to give them a large raise that is the issue.