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Woman caught with counterfeit bills
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A Kennedy Street woman has been charged with counterfeiting after lawmen caught her in the act of trying to manufacture fake bills.
The woman, Jennifer P. Hendrixson, 34, is charged with two counts of criminal simulation, resisting arrest, possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. She will face preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on March 17.
She was charged following a raid on her home after she was identified as a person of interest in connection with a rash of counterfeit bills of varying denominations that have been showing up at local businesses and financial institutions.
“A search of her room revealed paper that was being used in an attempt to print counterfeit money,” said sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter, noting that led him to check a printer in the house. “There was a $5 bill located on the printer that was trying to be copied.”
Officers also found paper in her room where she had apparently tried to copy a $10 bill.
Faced with counterfeiting charges, Hendrixson bolted and ran away from her residence. She was caught a short time later.
In addition to counterfeiting charges, officers found two corner-cut bags containing meth and a couple of plastic straws.
Investigators have not revealed if Hendrixson was a major player in the local counterfeiting trade or if she was just one of several doing the illegal distribution of fake bills.
Lawmen are continuing to warn merchants to be careful since there have been bills in the $5, $10, $20 and $100 denominations passed in the past month. Police say the last person found holding the bill is the one who suffers the monetary loss.