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Try Here Buy Here winner goes on big shopping spree
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It has been a whopper of a shopping spree for one local youngster who won the grand prize last week in the Try Here Buy Here giveaway.
“I spent most of the money in one day,” said Kasy Valadez, a 10-year-old Bobby Ray student. With her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart, she added, “I have a little bit left.”
Kasy won $1,000 worth of gift certificates from participating merchants after registering during a trip to the Three Star Mall. The first day of shopping she visited Ashley’s Attic, Stewart Pharmacy, National Diamond, Bath and Body Works, and Radio Shack.
Along with Christmas presents for family members that included a ring, purse and decorative Christmas cup, she treated herself to a stuffed Hello Kitty, a neck cushion, an iPad, and a cellphone.
Kasy says the cushion was for medical reasons, somewhat.
“I get tired,” she said with a smile. “I’ve always wanted one to wrap around my neck when I get tired. I wanted the iPad so I could play games on it. I can use the phone to text my friends at school who have phones. I know I can’t carry it to school. Maybe I can when I get to high school.”
The $1,000 jackpot did create an extra special Christmas at the Valadez home. Kasy’s mother lost her job in June which put a financial strain on the family to make it on her father’s income alone.
“I worked for the same place for 13 years,” said mother Jackeline. “I’ve been making and selling tamales to make extra money while I look for a job.”
Jackeline signed her daughter up for the drawing.
“My mom actually signed for me, because I didn’t know how to spell the address of our street,” said Kasy. “I thought I would win $100. I’ve never won anything before. I was shocked when I won $1,000.”
Making the actual drawing possible were local businesses to which Kasy showed a lot of gratitude.
“I would like to thank all the businesses and the Southern Standard for offering this and for helping me get Christmas presents for my family this year,” said Valadez. “It’s been great.”