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TDOT commissioner paves new way
Transportation Commissioner John Schroer says the states gasoline tax, 21.4 cents per gallon, hasnt changed since 1989. With more fuel-efficient vehicles, the state is seeing this revenue decrease.
Contrary to some popular rumors, major improvements to Highway 56 between McMinnville and Smithville remain a lively possibility, Tennessee Transportation Commissioner John Schroer says in a WCPI interview airing this week.A “super two-lane” is being considered as one of the state’s Expedited Delivery Projects, Schroer said in a recording session last Thursday following his appearance at The Rotary Club of McMinnville. “We will soon be talking to your community about a super two-lane” that would straighten some of the worst curves and widen the travel lanes, Schroer said. A full four-lane might follow sometime in the future, using the “super two-lane” as one-half of the finished project.