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Stolen motorcycles earn Hupp 4 years
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A Woodbury man with a passion for motorcycles that do not belong to him will serve four years in prison.
The stolen motorcycle enthusiast, Timothy Michael Hupp, 27, was sentenced to serve four years behind bars by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley after the defendant entered a guilty plea to the charge of grand theft.
His most recent charge comes after he blew by a policeman on the stolen motorcycle.
“I went to investigate and found the motorcycle at an address on Edgefield Street,” said McMinnville patrolman Mike Starkey. “When I checked the tags, I found the motorcycle had been stolen from Cannon County.”
Starkey said he called for back up and tried to get the suspect to come out of the apartment.
“The suspect tried to go out the back door and was apprehended,” Starkey said in his warrant against Hupp. “He admitted to having the stolen motorcycle.”
For Hupp it is not the first time he was caught with a stolen motorcycle. In June 2011 Hupp was sentenced to serve one year of a nine-year sentence for having possession of a motorcycle stolen out of Illinois.
On that occasion police pursued him when he refused to stop only to catch him later after he abandoned the stolen cycle. His plea bargain in 2011 also included an attempted escape charge brought after he was caught crawling around in the ceiling area of the jail trying to chip his way through the concrete block in order to spring himself from the county lock up.