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Snacking difficult with empty vending machines
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Anyone looking for a snack after a long day of court may have to think again.
According to reports from a county Building and Grounds Committee meeting, the vending machines at the administrative building, as well as the courthouse, are not being properly stocked.
“We need to do something about them,” said Greg Bowdoin, head of county maintenance.
Custodian Billy Ralph said, “We’ve got a problem with our vending machines at the courthouse and here at the administrative building keeping them stocked. I noticed earlier at the courthouse, two items is all that was in there in the whole machine. This one goes empty. It might not get filled up for a month.”
Bowdoin said the company does a poor job of stocking the machines.
“They must not want to do any business then,” said Commissioner Dwight O’Neal.
“I don’t understand it, especially at the courthouse,” said Bowdoin. “You can sell snacks at the courthouse. People are in there all the time who haven’t eaten breakfast or who are in court all day and will grab a candy bar. I don’t know why they won’t fill them.”
“I make a motion before the next meeting we find out who runs the vending machines, we send them a letter inviting them to our meeting, and we tell them, if you don’t keep them filled every day, you’ve got to go. If they don’t do that, we’ll get somebody else to come in who will,” said Commissioner Michael Martin.
The motion was seconded by O’Neal who thought it was a good idea. “We tell them to keep them filled up or they get their machines out, whichever they want to do,” said O’Neal.
The motion passed 4-0. Members on the committee and present at the meeting are Carl Bouldin, Clinton Hill, Martin and O’Neal. Bessie Smithson was absent.