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Shifting gears
Dealership now Bill Holt Chevrolet
Bill Holt front
Longtime Edd Rogers employee Terry Raper is one of the many familiar faces staying on board as the dealership has changed hands to Bill Holt Chevrolet. Raper is pictured by a 2015 Chevy Impala. - photo by James Clark

Bill Holt Chevrolet has started its engine in Warren County.
The dealership long known as Edd Rogers Automotive officially changed hands Tuesday and has already grown its inventory. There were 108 new vehicles on the lot Friday with around 30 more new vehicles expected to arrive by Monday.
"We're real big on customer service and that's going to be our emphasis," said Holt. "Anybody can sell a car. What matters is taking care of the customer after the sale whether it's routine maintenance or if there happens to be a problem."
It's the second Chevy dealership for Holt, who has another location in Canton, Ga. He's a veteran of the automotive industry, having been in the business since 1991.
Holt said the transaction to take over the Edd Rogers dealership and buy the 5.8 acres of property on Sparta Street happened fairly quickly.
"I heard about it from a Chevrolet rep who said Eddie might be interested in selling," said Holt. "It's usually a six- to nine-month process because everything has to be approved in Detroit. But this took less than 60 days from start to finish."
Holt said he values the hard-working employees who have been with the dealership for years and they remain on staff. They include Sheri Scott, who has worked for the dealership for 30 years all the way back to the Shelton days, salesman Terry Raper who has been there 11 years, and certified mechanics Chris Jordan and Dallas Seaborn, both with 10 years experience.
"As we grow, we'll be looking to add more people," said Holt. "I also want to publicize a program we've been doing in Canton that we'll offer here. Anytime we do any warranty work we'll be providing a courtesy vehicle, a loaner, they can drive while their car is in the shop. It costs us a little bit to do this, but it's something we can do to show we care about our customers."
Holt said there will be hundreds of new and used vehicles on the lot when the dealership is fully stocked.
He also talked about financing as he realizes that is a crucial part of buying a vehicle for many people.
"We work with 22 different banks so we have good financing options available, even for people who might not have the best credit," said Holt.
While motorists passing by the dealership have no doubt noticed all the new vehicles arriving, they will be noticing something else in the near future. Holt said the entire showroom will be remodeled.
"It's part of GM's reimaging program," said Holt. "They want their dealerships to look alike to convey a consistent image."
Holt said his goal is to make the customer happy so he can get repeat business. In tracking sales at the dealership in Canton, he's pleased to report 42 to 46 percent of total sales are thanks to repeat business.
Holt says he wants to be a big part of the community and Pioneer football fans already got a taste of this Friday night as Bill Holt Chevrolet sponsored WCHS kickoffs during the homecoming game.
Bill and his wife, Tina, have three children, two girls and a boy. He says he's excited to be in this area as he sees the need for reliable vehicles as an ongoing problem.
"A lot of people need to buy vehicles because they're faced with spending $2,000 on what they have, or buying something new," said Holt. "We have good people in place here and I plan to hire more good people as we grow. Most of all, I want everyone to know we are going to take care of the customer."
Bill Holt Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is located at 1600 Sparta Street and can be reached at 473-1535.