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Sheriff: 3 suspects chased VFW victim
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Three people charged in the attempted murder of a local businessman outside the VFW last Sunday remain held behind bars awaiting arraignment Tuesday.
The suspects, Jack Redmon, 44, Brooke L. Hale, 33, both of Warren County, and Tracy Dwayne Bouldin, 45, of Putnam County, are all charged with attempted criminal homicide. Hale and Bouldin are being held under $500,000 bond, while Redmon has a $1 million bond. They were arrested Thursday.
They are charged with the attack of Mike Hale, 52, outside the VFW last Sunday afternoon. Hale suffered two stab wounds to his chest and midsection and remains under treatment following surgeries.
“They were all involved in chasing the victim,” Matheny said, explaining why all three are charged as part of the murderous plot. “We believe Jack was the one who stabbed him but they were all responsible for pursing the victim, even after he had been stabbed.”
Authorities believe the attack grew out of a personal issue between Redmon and Mike Hale. Specifically, investigators suspect there was bad blood between the two after Redmon allegedly began dating Hale’s wife, Brooke Hale, who is charged as part of the murder conspiracy.
Redmon’s Facebook posts, taken down shortly after the attack but not before being archived by the Southern Standard, also claim Mike Hale was dating a woman who Redmon had formerly seen, further causing tension between the men.
According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, Redmon rode into the VFW parking lot on his motorcycle with Brooke Hale as his passenger. They were followed by his friend, Bouldin, on another motorcycle. Lawmen believe Redmon ran after Hale upon seeing him in the parking lot and was joined in his chase by the other two defendants.
A spokesperson for the VFW says Redmon tried to pursue the injured victim into the building after stabbing him but he was turned away at the door and the law was called. The attackers mounted their motorcycles and fled the scene but were pulled over a short time later. Redmon’s custom motorcycle has been seized by authorities because it was allegedly used in the commission of a felony.
The suspects will go before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke this Tuesday morning for arraignment. It is expected they will ask for reduction of bail when they appear. They will be given pre-liminary hearing dates when they stand before the court Tuesday. They face eight to 25 years in prison if convicted of the charged offense.