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Security plan outlined for local schools
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Plans are being made in an attempt to make schools safer in Warren County in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, including a call for uniformed officers on each campus.“We had been actively working on security issues even before Sandy Hook happened,” Director of Schools Bobby Cox said during a discussion on school security at Thursday night’s School Board meeting. The list is three-fold when it comes to the initial plan.“We need to put more layers between people on the outside and the people on the inside,” Cox said, noting it will begin with magnetic locks and camera systems for all schools.“This will enable all outside doors to be locked during the school day and anyone entering the buildings will have to be allowed in by school staff or have a secure pass,” Cox said in his security proposal.The cost for the locking systems, Cox noted, will range according to what type is chosen. A regular key card entry will cost $1,200 per door.