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Scout proposes Frisbee golf course
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McMinnville officials will be considering the inclusion of Frisbee golf at Pepper Branch Park. The project is a proposed Eagle Scout project by Boy Scout Steven Laxton, Troop 313.
The Parks and Recreation Committee will be meeting Tuesday at 6:20 p.m. to consider the request. Members are Mike Neal, Billy Wood and Ben Newman.
“I haven’t seen the plans,” said Newman. “Unless there is a reason why we shouldn’t allow it, I think this is a good idea. I’ve played Frisbee golf a time or two. It’s not the most active game, but it gets people outside.”
Frisbee golf is much like golf and goes by the same system of rules and names, such as par, hole, and tee. The difference between golf and Frisbee golf is a Frisbee is used instead of a golf ball and players throw the Frisbee at a basket rather than aim for a hole in the ground using a golf club.
Other than the baskets, which are 55 inches tall and 27 inches wide, Frisbee golf does not take up much room. Laxton says the course will offer several benefits to the community, including the chance to hold tournaments.
“Anyone can play,” Laxton said. “It is fun for all ages and groups of kids or adults. It is a fun game that all it takes to play is a Frisbee, which most anyone has. The type of basket design that I am building is competition style so tournaments will be able to be hosted at this course.”
Boy Scouts seeking Eagle Scout recognition must designate a service project that benefits the community. The scout must generate plans, obtain permission, find funding and volunteers, and oversee the project from beginning to end.
Estimated cost in material for the project is $1,964. All of the materials will be donated by local businesses and services will be conducted by volunteers with no cost to the city.
Officials are currently considering what is in the future for Pepper Branch Park.
“I would like to see at least a bathroom facility be installed,” said Newman. “If we allow Frisbee golf and we decide we want to do something else, like install bathrooms, we can always move the ones that are in the way.”
In Tennessee, there are 69 Frisbee golf courses. In the United States, there are roughly 3,000.
Committee meetings are held on the third floor of City Hall.