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Schools to dismiss at 1 p.m. Thursday
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Warren County Schools will dismiss early Thursday so teachers can meet and discuss educational curriculum for the remainder of the day.
Students at all public schools in Warren County will be free to leave their campuses at 1 p.m. Thursday. Buses will also run early, beginning at 1 p.m. to make their rounds. There will be supervision for students who do not ride the bus and who cannot be picked up early.
The early release is one of four scheduled for this school year. There will be two more, Feb. 4 and March 3, which will be held in the same manner. The early release days free up teachers to meet and discuss educational topics and compare notes on how they are teaching their classes. Administrators say the early release dates have been beneficial for educators and the plan is to continue the practice.
The early release time comes from bad weather days, meaning should there be an unusually extreme onset of school cancellation due to snow, the remaining early release dates could be claimed for bad weather days.