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Schools left with three snow days
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Warren County school officials believe they have enough snow days stockpiled after using five consecutive bad weather days last week and this Monday.
“I think we’re in good shape,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox after school was closed Tuesday through Monday using the bad weather days the school system stockpiles. Last Monday was Presidents Day and was not counted against the bad weather days.
According to Cox, 10 bad weather days were set aside to start the year. Seven have been used thus far, leaving three more if schools need to use them.
Last year, the school system ran out of days and had to go an extra day at the end of the year. Those days taken off last year, some which were marginal, led to the development of snow routes where schools have a plan to be in session in cases where most roads are clear. The system has not used the snow routes this year.
Cox believes that given the approaching end of winter, three days should be sufficient for any late-winter storm.
“Hopefully we’ll start moving out of this Siberian winter and into spring,” Cox said.
Two days, which were formerly set aside for bad weather days, have been converted to early release days. Those are days students get out of school two hours early so teachers can meet.
Cox said the one remaining early release date will stay on the calendar since it would not help provide another bad weather day if cancelled.
As for late starts for bad weather, such misses do not count as full snow days with the state so the school system can still use those in cases where weather makes morning travel dangerous.