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School year to end early
Out Early
Bobby Ray third graders react after discovering they get out of school one day earlier. Pictured, from left, are Lily Looney, Braxton Jordan, Karben Croslin and Zoi Razny.

Summer vacation will start a day earlier this year.

Director of Schools Bobby Cox announced Tuesday evening that the Board of Education and Commissioner Schwinn have approved the conversion of Tuesday, May 21 from a regular classroom day to a professional development day – meaning no school for students. 

“We did this last year as well since we had just one weather day left that we hadn’t used,” said Cox. “From the feedback I received from principals, I believe they like having an extra day to get a head start on curriculum mapping for next year, closing out the year with reports, getting books chronicled and business things of that nature.”

Students and faculty districtwide are excited about the scheduling change, including Bobby Ray third graders in Samantha Lewis’ class. On Thursday after awards day, many shared how they plan on spending their first day of summer vacation. 

“I’m super excited and I’m going to play my video game – Fortnite,” said Braxton Jordan with a huge grin. “It’s really fun and you try to stay alive as long as possible.” 

Added Lily Looney, “Getting out early is so awesome! I’ll probably finish painting my squishies or checking to see if my slime is still sticky.”

As for third-grade teacher Samantha Lewis, she said she was sad to see her kids go, but would use the extra development day productively.

“We’ll have faculty meetings and it’ll be nice to have extra time to get things done,” said Lewis. “There’s a lot to do as far as packing up and getting ready for them to wax the floor and things like that, but I’m really going to miss my students.”