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School Board irritated by Dibrell delays
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Enough is enough for School Board officials who say they will give contractors 10 days to address the issues at Dibrell Elementary before fixing the items in-house and sending the contractor the bill.
“The job needs to get done, period,” said School Board member Scott Holmes during the School Board’s meeting Thursday at the new Morrison School where furniture is being moved in preparation for school.
Issues still remain at Dibrell – nearly a year after officials expected the school to be finished.
“I think we have been more than patient,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, noting there are at least four outstanding problems which the contractor has not addressed.
Among the issues are shelving problems, the lack of grass lawn outside the school, drainage problems outside the school, and a recurring freezer door issue.
“We have been dealing with this freezer issue for a long time,” Cox said, noting the door was a constant source of problems last school year.
Cox said the plan of action is to send Midstate Construction a letter giving them 10 days to fix the outstanding issues. If the issues are not addressed, Cox said the school system will have them fixed and send the bill to Midstate.
“It is their responsibility to take care of these things and if they don’t, we can contractually have them fixed and have them pay the bill,” Cox said.
The on-going issues come as ribbon cutting is planned for Morrison Elementary. The open house is open to the public this Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. and will feature tours.