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Saturation patrol nets 31 drops
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McMinnville Police Department had a busy night Friday during a DUI saturated patrol with officers making 31 stops in a nine-hour period.
“It was a very productive night,” said Lt. Mark Mara. “With the regular officers on patrol and officers in the saturation patrol, we had 14 officers on the street at one time.”
Among the 31 stops made by the saturated patrol, officers gave one citation each for speeding, reckless driving, no child restraint, revoked/ suspended license and made one DUI arrest, as well as two citations for no insurance, 14 citations for no seat belt and three citations for running red lights.
Mara says individuals not wearing seat belts are a common problem that he would like to eliminate.
“We would have less accidents involving injuries, if people would wear their seat belts,” he said. “We are trying to encourage it by handing out citations and educating the public. Yet, we are still handing out a large number of citations. I just don’t know what the solution is.”
The red light runners were caught at the intersections of Mullican Street and New Smithville Highway along the bypass.
“Those two intersections are where we gave out three citations for running red lights,” said Mara. “While at the intersections, we were also looking for individuals who were not wearing their seat belts.”
Saturation patrols are designed to make highways safer and to increase public awareness of the hazards of drinking and driving. By removing intoxicated drivers from the roadways, the potential for motor vehicle accidents is decreased, officers say.
Operation “Be A Survivor: Get A Designated Driver” has received funding from the Tennessee Governors Highway Safety Office.