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Rutherford job evaluations
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The Southern Standard obtained copies of the annual evaluations by McMinnville officials on city administrator David Rutherford. Included in the questionnaire, was “please provide your recommendations and comments on the renewal of the city administrator’s current contract.”
Comments mirrored the vote:
Mayor Jimmy Haley — “It is well known that Mr. Rutherford is actively seeking employment elsewhere. Non-renewal will allow him the opportunity to accept a new job with another city.”
• Vice Mayor Ben Newman — “I would not recommend renewal of Mr. Rutherford’s contract. I feel that the public has lost confidence in his services. He does not work well with groups which are instrumental in our community, unless he has absolute control over such group.”
Alderman Ken Smith — “For the city of McMinnville to grow, we must be working on retail and tourism development. Unfortunately, I do not believe that David is the correct (person) to lead McMinnville forward. My recommendation is to not renew his contract at the end of September, but to continue working with him to lay down a positive foundation for the projects we have developing between today and September 30, 2013.”
Alderman Jimmy Bonner — “No.”
Alderman Mike Neal — “Mr. Rutherford has performed in the short amount of time I’ve observed and worked with him for the most part satisfactory. However I campaigned on the idea for moving our government toward a full-time mayor and I still believe that is what we should be moving toward so I cannot recommend the renewal of his contract with its current powers, provisions, and language.”
Alderman Rick Barnes — “David is capable, professional and knowledgeable and possesses all the ability needed to perform the job, and has shown this in the past. But I feel that he has turned the general public against him, especially our community organizations. I also personally think that he tends to find four board members to cater to and agree with him, and does not care about or respect the office of the other aldermen. If he does not like an idea as presented he will find reasons or legal roadblocks and does not pursue it as aggressively as he would if he liked the idea.”
Alderman Billy Wood — “He has done his job in an excellent and professional manner from day one and continues to do so. Yes, renew.”