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Riverfront renovation gets started
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Renovation work has begun at Riverfront Park.
A crew moved in Monday to begin making improvements to the area and will be working there over the next five weeks.
Temporary closures are possible with the boat ramp being closed Tuesday.
“It’s going to look nice once they’re done,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “I think the entire process will take about five weeks.”
Work will include bank stabilization along the river, replacing two docks, dock dredging cleanup, replacing the concrete boat ramp, and applying gravel to the parking area.
McCord says replacing the boat ramp is the only time he thinks the park will be completely closed.
“They will have to close half the parking lot at a time as work is done, but the only time I foresee the park totally closed off is when they pour and form the boat ramp,” he said. “The concrete has to set for 10 days. Access to it needs to be restricted during that time. Once it is set, they will push it into the river.”
Performing the work will be Tri-State Development for $92,750. A TWRA grant will pay 80 percent of that.