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Rescue Squad spreads cheer
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Warren County Rescue Squad members and their kids, along with other local volunteers, gathered Saturday to distribute toys boxes to smiling children and their families through their annual Christmas Toy Drive.Rescue Squad director Fred Hillis said the event was a great success.“It’s gone well, really well,” Hillis said. “We’ve had between 750 and 800 families.”Hillis said Rescue Squad members appreciate everyone who has helped and donated to the project this year. ‘We want to thank them very much, because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do,” Hillis said. “I really want to thank the businesses that donated, the churches, all the people who gave us money so we could go shop and buy all the toys for these kids.”Hillis said the organization has been doing the Toy Drive for 42 years, ever since Bob Molloy spearheaded the first one.“Bob Malloy got this thing started years and years ago after he saw on TV where some firemen had gotten together and done something like this,” said Hillis.