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Praying for our nation
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Scores of people assembled at the noon hour Thursday to observe the National Day of Prayer, with people of all denominations joining in prayer for the nation and families.
“So goes the family, so goes the nation,” said DeWayne Howard of Bridges of Hope and coordinator of the local Day of Prayer observance, noting parents have a huge responsibility in raising their children. “It is not the church’s responsibility, nor the school’s nor the government’s. It is the responsibility of the parents to raise their children.”
Sherry Johnson of Friendship Baptist noted some parents miss the mark in educating their children on the path to follow.
“A lot of children are not brought up and shown the proper way to go,” Johnson said.
David Cook of Bridges of Hope prayed that churches standing united could positively influence children and adults in the community.
“Unite the churches, Father,” Cook prayed in his prayer for the church. “Give us your vision for the community.”
Mark Carrigan of Christ United Methodist Church prayed for the government, asking the Lord to give elected officials wisdom.
“Help them to listen to your voice as they make decisions that affect us,” Carrigan prayed.
Carrigan says the Bible tells people not to speak ill of their leaders.
“Don’t speak evil of government officials. It’s something easy to do,” Carrigan admitted, noting it is a Christian’s responsibility to stand up for what is right. “We need to work to overturn laws that are morally wrong. That’s part of being good Christians.”
Kevin Burton asked blessings on the military, pointing to the recent killing of Osama bin Laden.
“There may be repercussions so we ask that you place a hedge of protection around our military,” Burton prayed, also asking blessings upon the families of servicemen and women. “I pray for their spouses and children.”
Duke Rice of Pegg Broadcasting asked for blessings on the media as reporters cover areas which could be dangerous.
“We pray for those who put their lives on the line trying to get the truth,” Rice prayed.
The local observance was in connection with similar gatherings across the country Thursday.