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Poppy Days held this Friday, Saturday
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This Friday and Saturday will be American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Days in Warren County. Local residents will be asked to wear a poppy on these days, May 13-14.
Days are set aside each year in observance of Poppy Day. This is a voluntary tribute to our dead and disabled servicemen. By accepting one of these poppies from a member of the American Legion Auxiliary or other volunteer, we aid the living victims of past wars.
The poppies grew in the battlefields of France and Belgium where American servicemen had fallen during the world wars. In the years following World War I, the poppy came to be recognized as nature’s tribute to the war dead, and it was soon adopted as the American Legion and Auxiliary’s official memorial flower.
The poppy you can wear on Poppy Day has an even greater significance than the flowers which bloomed on the battlefields of Europe. These memorial poppies have been made in VA hospitals by those veterans who are still suffering. The disabled veterans who make these flowers are able to gain a dual benefit from their work as the poppy program gives many veterans their only opportunity to support themselves and their families, and it offers them a productive pastime to help combat the long hours in the hospital ward.
Volunteers who offer these poppies receive nothing for their work. Their only gain is from the satisfaction of helping the living veteran, as well as honoring the war dead.